a deadbeat roommate might happen in Hartford

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This apartment website would like you to know that sharing an apartment with a roommate isn’t always like the sitcom “Friends.”

I know, we’re disappointed too. But it’s best to be realistic.

They also advise that if you see warning signs your roommate situation is headed in a bad direction, do try to head that off at the pass with precautionary and polite communication.

If that doesn’t work, especially if they’re doing something completely illegal or just against the landlord rules in a way that might get you evicted, a paper trail would be good.

Also, check your lease or any other paperwork for liability clauses. Are you responsible for paying your roommate’s share of the rent if they do not? What about repairing their damages?

You’re not allowed to toss their stuff or change the locks without notice, but if they’re clearly breaking serious rules and you have a paper trail, you may eventually move for an eviction.

But hopefully you find the right roommate and all of this won’t be an issue. Do you need to find a roommate in Hartford?