some dorms for Houston adults maybe not as great as college

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Dormitory-style living for adults or the “rooming-house model” has worked for some lower income folks in Houston, but definitely not all, say many who’ve experienced it.

All inclusive prices and a lack of a required security deposit or long-term lease are attractive to many. However, the “price” to experience these benefits may still be too high if literally no one can be held responsible for the condition of your room.

There are also websites that act as a go-between for tenants and owners . . . which sounds nice until you realize they’re taking a large cut of your rent while actually removing most of the accountability between owner and renter.

This means no one feels responsible for the condition of the rooms. With middlemen inserting themselves between owners and renters, there’s absolutely no one local to contact to complain.

And complaints have abounded. It’s also hard to get anyone to notice or care about any lapses in security, problems with insect infestations or rodents, horrid odors, no trash removal, incessant noise, clogged toilets, etc.

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